First Presbyterian Church of Starke


Grace to you in the name of Jesus Christ and on behalf of

First Presbyterian Church Family!


          First Presbyterian Church is a congregation of faithful Christian people from a variety of parts of the world who are now located in the neat community of Starke, Florida.  


          We believe that God loves us and that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  We acknowledge that Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church which is his body.  Jesus calls us to become the Church and, through the Holy Spirit, gives us all the gifts that are necessary for our mission in the world.  We work diligently to be involved in proclaiming the good news of Jesusí birth, his life, his ministry of healing and teaching, and his suffering, death, and resurrection.  We try to do this in both word and deed.


          We encourage you to view our entire web site and learn more about what First Presbyterian is doing and has to offer.  You can also find out some ways you can become involved in worship and work during this time that is one of the most significant times in the life of this congregation.  Please visit us soon and experience our welcome at First Presbyterian Church.  God indeed has a special plan and place for you to serve - and that service and place may well be here at First Presbyterian.  Come and see!


                    The Starke Presbyterian Church Family