First Presbyterian Church of Starke



Below is a small collection of historical photos scanned from church archives.  The pictures are not in any chronolgical sequence.  

Select each photo for a larger view!


             75th Anniversary                           75th Anniversary                 75th Anniversary                     75th Anniversary                         75th Anniversary  


       75th Anniversary                        100th Anniversary                        105th Anniversary                  120th Anniversary                       Groundbreaking


           Almost Complete                       Bill & Libby                                      Centennial                              Centenial                            1984 Charter Members


      Church in 1984                             Addition                                    Historical Church                             On the Move                  Church Completed                                 


      Church Completed                                                        Church Completed                                 Dedication                                      Our Church


        Our Church                                       Our Church                            Our Church                                 Renaissance                                   Clippings


       Dedication                                    Dedication                        Dedication                Dedication                            Education Building


          Gary and Evelyn                        Final Service                               First Service in New Location                            Food Pantry       


   Ground Breaking Invitation                Ground Breaking Crew                                  New Pastor                                     Manse Completed 


       New Minister                                                            Rev. McLeod                                New Minister                                                 Ordination


       McLeod Welcome                    New Pastor                                   1949 Meeting                         Mortgage Burning                      Cherry Street 


    Second Century                                   New Location                       New Manse                           Van Deventer Ordination       Van Deventer Ordination


      Rev Patton                                       Rev Patton                                    Rev Patton                                                    Rev Patton Obituary                          


     Presbytery Meeting 1928               Renovation                            Renovation                                  Rev Hand Farewell                     New Location


      New Location                                     New Location                        Youth Coordinator                      Education Building                 Stump Party


    Stump Party                                  Stump Sisters                               Stump Sisters                        Sunday School Annex             Woman of the Church


     Woman of the Church                  Woman of the Church            Woman of the Church 1926