First Presbyterian Church of Starke


First Presbyterian Church of Starke, Florida


In the 1800s many northern families came to Starke with the dream of making a fortune in the citrus industry. Among these were a number of Presbyterians, who, finding no organized church in Starke, decided to establish one. The actual founding of the church took place on December 15, 1884, with twenty-three charter members. In September 1886 a tract of land on what is now Cherry Street was donated for the construction of a church building. The window over the front entrance of the Sanctuary indicates the church was dedicated in December 1886. During the history of the church, forty-two ministers, four that were ordained here, have served the congregation.


In July 1978 the Sanctuary was moved from the Cherry Street location to the Call Street property. The Sanctuary was renovated, and a fellowship hall and nursery were added. In 1981, an education building was completed. In March 1988, the congregation approved the expansion of the Sanctuary from 150 the 250 seats. In 1998, a choir room expansion was completed.


Through all of the relocations and refurbishments the church has maintained the integrity of the old historic church but focused on a vision directed toward the future as we share the love and grace of Jesus Christ in our community.



What is a Presbyterian?


In the New Testament presbuteros means “elder” and refers to the custom of choosing leaders from among the wisest of the members of the church.

Presbyterians are reformed in theology and in church government. The members of the congregation choose their church officers, pastors, elders, and deacons, through a democratic process by nominating and electing the people who will lead the church and make decisions. Presbyterians are connectional. First Presbyterian Church of Starke is part of the Presbytery of St. Augustine, Synod of the South Atlantic and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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